4 page spread in the S&S 2016 yearbook :-)

The ‘project’ in print!

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I am a member of the Sparkman & Stephens Association – Koala is an example of a ‘Freya 44’, S&S design No. 1939.  A couple of days ago, the 2016 yearbook arrived in the post.  I had forgotten that last year, I wrote an article, so I was pleasantly surprised to come across it, as I leafed through the pages.  The yearbook is a great resource and hopefully I will be able to get in touch with owners of similar S&S designs, such as the old Swans and other Freyas.

The Sestrel Steering compass – fluid needed!

In the Koala shaped part of my own little world there is a lot happening and plans are being made for the future.  I have had the winter to empty a 43 year old, classic S&S hull and explore places that have probably not seen the light of day for decades.  I have found hammer and spanner shaped lumps of rust in the anchor locker, a Djibouti 1000 franc note, 2006 editions of ‘La Republica’, the Italian daily, amongst a host of other bits an pieces.  They all hint at a the past of a well traveled lady. Cushions and curtains, pots and pans, cutlery and crockery have all been removed, cockpit locker and lazarette emptied and tens of metres of redundant wiring extracted.

Looking aft from the forward twin cabin

However, I have also discovered a veritable cats cradle of wiring behind the switch board, moss and ferns growing from under the binnacle support and dampness in a few places (usually above berths).  The more work I do, the more I find to do.  – I think that will be par for the course for the foreseeable future.  With launch day approaching, there is still a huge amount of work to be done, however most of this will be for comfort rather than sea worthiness.  I hope to add a page to this website, with a ‘to-do list’ and ‘progress plan’ combined.  I started this ‘to-do list’ today and was gob smacked by size of the list that I made, without any serious amount of thought going into it.   I will keep track of expenditure and hours put into the project too (that will be really scary).

Someday however, Koala will look after me on the open oceans……..perhaps I will retrace my steps back to the Caribbean. Maybe it will be to new destinations – Iceland, the Faroe Island and Greenland would be good.  This summer I want to see if its feasible to carry sea kayaks on deck – maybe on a trip to the Isle of Man.

I will let you know as the plans solidify!

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