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Getting close to launch day!

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Last weekend was a bit hectic.  I took Friday off work and dad drove up from Greystones to help with a few bits and pieces.  After a fruitless drive to Belfast to collect some stainless steel (which wasn’t ready), we stopped off at 17, Windsor Avenue, just off the Lisburn Road, to look at the house where my great grandfather used to live.  It is now the HQ of the Royal College of Nursing in NI. After a quick photostop,

Quaker Burial Ground, Belfast
Friends Burial Ground, Belfast

We continued down Lisburn Road and stopped at the Friends Burial Ground on Balmoral Avenue.
Many of my ancestors were Quakers and 8 relatives are buried here.  Both dad and I are interested in our family history, so it was great to take dad here.  It is a wonderful place, very peaceful, yet so close to the hustle and bustle of the Lisburn Road.

After a bite to eat in the Old Post Office, Lisbane, we drove on down to EDYC to get some work done.  I taped the boot-top while dad got going with the anti-foul.  It didn’t take long to get the boat done and a single coat used up about 4 litres of anti-foul, which was pretty good.  There are still a few scrapes that need to be filled and antifouled, but in general, Koala is looking pretty good.

Binnacle Repairs
Binnacle removed

Next on the list will be to finish off the work on the binnacle.  The old timber supports were completely rotten – there were ferns and moss growing out from underneath the old cross-beams!  I removed the old supports, plus all of the old teak slats that covered the lazarette – these were in a pretty sorry state too.  I then disconnected the steering cables from the quadrant and removed the binnacle, making it easier to measure for new supports.  I am planning to replace the old rotten mahogany and plywood with oak cross beams.  These will be shaped and then epoxied in onto small supports either side of the cockpit.  Whilst I was working on the quadrant, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to examine the steering mechanism and confirm that it is all in really good condition.  I may well have been replaced recently.  I will try and take some photos and get them onto this website.

Launch day is planned for this coming weekend (weather permitting).  At the moment the forecast is not great for Saturday, with some strong SW winds forecast.  Sunday looks to be a bit better, with lighter winds.  We will see!

6 thoughts on “Getting close to launch day!

    1. Hi Dean,
      Hopefully she will be in the water this weekend. However, there is a mountain of work to do and I will be lifting her out at the end of the season for a couple of years. She will live undercover and get the work done that she deserves! I hope to get as page on the website with a table of ‘Things to do’ and a space to update progress.
      No doubt that will become a bit aspirational!

  1. I love the name of your boat! She’s looking good and looks to be keeping you quite busy 🙂 I have a few Quakers in my family tree too, which I always find fascinating. Nice that you and your dad share an interest in genealogy. My mother is quite into that as well. All the best with the launch!

    1. Many thanks Ellen, launch day can be a bit stressful as Koala spends the winter on a yard trailer. We have to winch it to the bottom of the slip at low tide and hope that the wind isn’t too strong when there is enough water to float Koala off. The sailing club is behind an island on Strangford Lough, so we get quite a strong tide to contend with to. We also need a spring tide, as Koala draws over 7 feet, the bottom of the keel is another foot off the ground and the tidal range in Strangford isn’t as much as the open sea!
      Sunday’s forecast look reasonable so here’s hoping…..!

  2. Hi Trev 🙂 looks really great and so glad Dad can help you out and have the same interest as you with the boats . I didn’t realise you planned to launch this weekend ! That’s so exciting !
    Love you to email me through some more pics of the great grandparents house and grave yard 🙂

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