IOMs racing at LEYC

A Small (Sailing) Diversion

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This weekend, I had a diversion from tidying Koala – and a good diversion it was too!

IRL 63 going upwind
IRL 63 going upwind

Last winter, I built a small model racing yacht, an ‘International One Metre’ (IOM), from plans and yesterday was my first opportunity to race it against other boats.

5 of us turned up at Lough Erne Yacht Club on a wet and windy Sunday morning, but within an hour, the wind was dropping and the rain stopped.  We initially rigged the boats with the smallest ‘C’ rigs, then moved to the intermediate ‘B’ rigs for one race and finally went to big ‘A’ rigs for the remaining 13 races.  A total of 14 races in the day (imagine that in a dinghy!) and although there were only 5 of us, I think everyone managed to fill every position at some stage or other.

There were three local boats, I traveled over from Co. Down and Stephen Kay came up from Dublin.  He was sailing the only non wooden boat.

Overall, it was a great learning experience, and I ended up slap bang in the middle of the results, which I was pleased about.  Hopefully a lot more to come!

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