Standing rigging

Standing Rigging

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Last night, I spent about 3 hours undressing the mast – removing all of the standing rigging.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the rigging, fittings and the mast itself.  The rigging ranges in size – 12mm (forestay and backstay), 10mm (inner forestay and  cap shrouds), 8mm (lowers and running backstays) and approx 5mm (intermediate uppers, that go from the ends of the spreaders to about half way between the spreaders and masthead).he spreaders are pretty substantial, and also in good condition.  I removed them (again, nuts and bolts in good condition and no corrosion).  There was a the remains of a bees nest inside one of the spreaders  and a birds nest inside the other!

I haven’t yet removed any of the halyards – some need to be replaced, others just need to be washed to have salt removed.  I need to run mousing twine inside the mast when the halyards are removed.  I will also need to break down and service all of the winches, particularly the captive wire main halyard, which is stiff.

The final task will be to replace the electrical cables that run inside the mast to the masthead light, VHF antenna and TV ariel.

More tasks for the coming winter!

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